cleoc #

Latest release: 0.3.0

cleoc (Cleodora client) is a Cleodora CLI (command-line interface) client to interact with a cleosrv Cleodora server.

You do not need to use cleoc. In particular, if you have never used a CLI before (or don’t know what that is), you may not get much benefit out of it.

To use cleoc you always need cleosrv to run as well, either on your local machine or somewhere else.

cleoc console

Installing cleoc #

Download the latest release for Windows (64bit), Linux (64bit), Linux ARM (64bit) or MacOS (64bit).

Unpack the archive wherever you want it. There will only be a single executable inside named cleoc or cleoc.exe.

Updating cleoc #

Download the latest release (see above) and replace the existing cleoc or cleoc.exe executable on your PC.

Running cleoc #

Execute it in a console window. Try cleoc --help to get started.

Configuring cleoc #

You can pass multiple CLI parameters to configure cleoc. Check the --help output. You may also create a config file. The default location is displayed as part of --help.


# Uncomment (remove the leading # from) any parameter you want to use

# URL of the cleosrv
#url: http://localhost:8080